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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to meet russian girls

- How terrible! And where did it happen? Here, in the house? - Genuinely astonished by Claudio.
- Yes. The room is Raquel, free girls russian.
- What did Max in room Raquel? Let me ask you, Victoria.
- I do not know - confused the woman answered.
- Do not you know? It is strange that you do not know ... Victoria did not pursue this subject, but, on reflection, asked her to connect with Dr. Plasencia.
Oscar was ready for peace on all of Victoria. So he said to her: "You live on a powder keg - waiting for the explosion at any moment."
- He has already occurred, Oscar: they nearly killed each other in a fight. I beg you, come on, talk to Antonio, to reason with him, he lost his head.
Antonio, as always, was glad to see the Oscars, but with a threshold intimidated him:
- I know all that you now tell me, but ... but Max was trying to kill me ...
- Are you sure?
- Absolutely sure - calmly replied Antonio.
- And she? Raquel? With Raquel, flexy girls russian? ..
- I think it is nothing to blame german russian amatuer girls.
- You think so? You're in love with her, right?
- I like it, Oscar, very much. I was attracted to her ... Yes... And she loves me.
- So it happened quickly, and you her, and she'll ...
- What do you mean?
- According to her, just a month ago she was in love with Max. Therefore, to marry him. Or she did not like it? .. We did this for some other reason?
- What are you driving at, Oscar? I do not understand! So I questioned her and her feelings?
- I just want you to be in no hurry, and thought it all over. And most importantly - do not lose the mind that has always distinguished you in everything you do. His father commanded you to be the head of the family because he was confident that the interests of the family above everything else for you ...
- What the hell do you want me to do, Oscar? I allowed to stay here Maximiliano after he tried to kill me, hairy russian girls?

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